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Mixed Media
530 x 500 x 350 mm
28 kg
Edition size : 1
Catalogue no. : SC238MM

"Sentient" is a female bust that explores the perceptual cognition of the human mind and our ability to feel and to assimilate people, ideas or culture.

The word "sentient" comes from early 17th century Latin and literally means "feeling", describing our ability to perceive or feel. The piece was originally assembled from 100 tapered modular parts that formed the block of material that the bust was carved from. Designed in such a way that when the viewer is directly in front of the artwork, at an intimate conversational distance, the negative spaces align allowing the viewer to see through the artwork. This transparency is symbolic of our ability to be aligned with others in such a way that we can understand their pain or joy as if it were our own. It is a reminder that one does not always need the full picture in order to have a sympathetic understanding of others.