Illumination Series
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The illumination series is the further exploration of the human condition and it focuses on experiences that shift our consciousness. These illuminations or moments of great realization are at the core of human consciousness and a single profound moment in time can spark a change that could last a lifetime.

The series is a natural progression from the anamorphic series, contrasting it`s duality with a single recognizable form. The figures capture a sense of calmness and the identifiable human forms represent understanding. The figures are simplified to their most basic form without any individually defining characteristics. There is a sense of emotional expression and the series explores the concept of enlightenment and draws a universal human parallel that all people have in common with one another.

If the anamorphic series is representative of the dream state, then the illumination series would be the moment of awakening, the instant of regaining consciousness, placing the illumination series on the boundry of the conscous and subconscous mind.

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